How’s the Weather?

Autumn Tree

It has often been said that Canadians love talking about the weather.  I can understand why that would be so since it affects so many of our day to day decisions.

In the winter, meteorologists report on the cold, the snow and the sleet but they also have developed what is called the wind chill factor.  It’s like it’s not cold enough.  They have to make it sound even colder.  If it is -25° C, they have to add the wind speed, and they come up with, “It’s -25°, but it feels like -37° with the wind chill factored in. ”  Brrrrrrr!

In the summer, they report on the heat, the haze, and the humidity.  For this season they have come up with the humidex. So if it is +31° C, it isn’t hot enough.  They have to factor in the amount of humidity in the air, to make us swelter even more. “It’s +31° folks, but with the humidity factored in, it feels like +44°.”  Yikes!

The absolute perfect weather is happening right now in Canada.  There is no “wind chill factor” and no “humidex”.  There is just a blissfully beautiful day with the bluest skies and the leaves turning yellow and orange and the sun shining and the temperature holding steady at 24° C.

I’ve taken a few photos over the last few days to help you visualize the weather in Ontario in October.

Near our house.


Late October flowers.


The garden of my neighbours is a delight.


By Lake Ontario


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