What’s That About?

I think it was Jerry Seinfeld who said that the older a person gets, the bigger his car gets.  What’s that about?  Do they think it makes people take them more seriously or are they just harking back to the good old days when they were driving those huge cars up and down Main Street on a Saturday night? 

The car I learned to drive in, in the early 60s, was a Pontiac Laurentian, which was the size of the school bus my grandkids take to school.  I can’t believe I drove that vehicle.  Parking it was like bringing a 747 in for a landing! 

Our family had one (huge) car.  Remember we were 13 people.  My four older brothers already had their driver’s licences by the time I got mine and every evening, there would be a rush to get to Dad first and ask for the use of the car.  I know he had to pay extra money for insurance for my brothers and not for me (I was a female and not as great a risk), so he didn’t mind me having the car frequently. 

One evening, my brother Rob wanted the car to take a girl to the movies.  I also wanted the car and I got to Dad first.  Rob was in a bit of a bind since he had already told the girl he would pick her up for the movie.  We had a little chat and here’s what we came up with.

Rob takes the car and drives to the movie with his date.  He leaves the key in the car.  I come along with my date and take the car.  Just before the movie is  due to end I park the car in front of the theatre and go to a restaurant.  I leave the key in the car.  Rob takes his date home and returns the car, leaves the key in, and my date and I go for a nice drive.  Mission accomplished.  A car-share evening with no one the wiser.

Another thing that happens when you get older is that you wake up earlier and earlier.  Sometimes I think that my hubby is going to get up one day before he goes to bed!  By the time I get up around 8 a.m., he has been up for hours.  Then he falls asleep by 8:30 at night.  We just can’t seem to get together on this matter.   At lease he has stopped making his side of the bed while I am still in it!

I’m thinking of petitioning the government to change the clocks so we will at least be in sync with the rest of the world.  You don’t mind going to work from 5 a.m. until 1 p.m. do you?


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