I’ve Got a Secret

I’ve been a reader since I was a little kid.  I don’t remember learning to read.  I just remember reading.  I love reading all kinds of books but I have a secret.  I want to  write books!  There! I’ve said it.  I want to write books.  I want to write books.

My Dad wrote poetry and children’s stories and had several of each published.  Of course it wasn’t his day job or even his evening job.  It was his okay, I’ve got three minutes to myself and I am going to write down this poem that has been racing around in my head for four days job. You see he and my Mom had eleven children and he worked long hours to make sure we had enough of everything.  He travelled sometimes as part of his work and he saw the beauty of the Nova Scotia landscape that inspired poems, like Isle Madame, and This Old Home.

Dad’s brother wrote a book about his adventures as a country doctor and had it published. It sold very well in both Canada and the US, but he died at an early age and no other books were written.

When my hubby and I were living in Africa, I wrote a Mathematics text-book for adult literacy and it was translated into several of the local languages.  While living in Montreal I wrote an English Grammar exercise book, which was used by a local language school in teaching English to French Canadian adults.  BUT, my secret desire is to write romance novels.

Yes, Romance Novels!  You already know the story.  Girl meets boy.  Kiss.  Kiss.  Hug.  Hug.  Girl loses boy.  No kiss.  No hug.  Girl and boy work it all out.  Kiss, kiss, kiss.  Hug, hug, hug.  The End.

I have already written one and a half romance novels.  I submitted the first three chapters of the completed novel for publishing and believe it or not, it didn’t get published.  But you know, it is still an accomplishment.  I actually wrote a complete 59,000 word novel.

Some of my friends asked me if the novel was steamy and sensuous.  Well, my mother was still alive at the time and I told them that if I wrote that kind of novel I would have to wait until my mother died because if she read it, it would kill her!  She has been gone many years but I could never bring myself to write that kind of book.  I have to be true to myself and it’s just not me.

The kind of romance books I enjoy are funny and clever and witty, and very, very romantic.  I love books by Sophie Kinsella, Kristan Higgins, Barbara Hannay, and many others.  I like Georgette Heyer and M.C. Beaton as well.  Their books are a sub category of romance novels but very good.

Ideas for romance stories are constantly going through my head.  Many are set in Nova Scotia, in Cape Breton specifically.  Some are set in the North of Canada.  Mounties and pilots and even computer nerds are often the objects of desire. 

Now that I am retired, I have all this time on my hands.  Should I give it another go?


8 responses

  1. I think you should!!! Why shouldn’t you??? Did you try hard enough to get your first book published? Maybe you should go back over it, make some changes, and resubmit it. I have heard that many famous authors were rejected many, many times before being accepted!

  2. Go ahead…..even if it is never published…think of the fun one day your granddaughters will have reading it. Having said that, it also shows that you better keep it clean and above board. LOVE the idea!

  3. Absolutely you should. Don’t forget that these days with electronic publishing it can be a lot easier to “get published” – you don’t need anyone to actually print it, you can just go electronic and sell online. Don’t ask me how, but I’m sure it’s easier than actually getting someone to actually print it on paper. I’m sure with a little online research it may become clearer ?

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