Will That be Cash or Credit?

Do you have a credit card?  Uh huh!  Me too.  I was thinking today about weight loss and I came up with an analogy to credit cards.

I was talking on the phone to a friend, Sherry, and we were on our favourite topic – how do we even begin to lose weight and eat as we should?  It seems that very few plans work and even fewer work for the long-term. 

If I think of friends who have lost weight, I would have to say most of them have gained it all back and more.  Nothing seems to work over time.  Weight Watchers? Jenny Craig? Dr. Bernstein? Herbal Magic?  The menace of the “gain-back” is lurking in the background with all of them.

Do you know anyone who has let credit card debt get out-of-hand?  Maybe it has even happened to you.  You are going to use it only for emergencies.  You are going to pay the balance every month.  And then you aren’t able to pay the balance and you begin to have  interest payments to pay every month.  It is a slippery slope!  Soon you are not able to handle the interest payments and then a real emergency comes up and you are not able to handle it.  It is the same with weight loss.

When you begin to gain a few pounds, your clothes still fit and you go along happily.  But the day soon comes when your pants are too tight and you can’t button your blouse.  One time I planned to wear a specific “little black dress” to a party, slipped it on and was about to go out the door when I decided to sit down for a minute to see how comfortable it was.  I COULDN’T SIT DOWN!!  I was having trouble “making the monthly payments”.

If you have ever tried to pay off your credit cards and get control of your finances, you know it is not easy.  It hurts.  You have to say NO to yourself.  Maybe you even take the scissors to your credit cards.  And it takes time!  It doesn’t take long to get into debt, but it certainly takes a lot of time to get out of it.  But it is so liberating!

 It’s the same way with weight loss.  You have to say no to yourself.  It will hurt for a while.  No matter what plan you follow, whether it is one where you go to meetings or one you create for yourself, you will have to eat LESS than you want to.  When you finally reach your goal, you will have to monitor yourself closely, to ensure you don’t begin to gain again.  Be prepared to cut back for a time to stabilize your weight.

Once you are in control of your finances, you can begin to  use your credit cards again.  Every month, when your credit card bill arrives, you will monitor yourself.  Are you able to pay the balance?  If not, it is time to cut back on the spending. Now. Before it gets out of control again.

When you are at your goal weight, you can eat a piece of cake on your birthday. You can have a treat once in a while.  But stay alert.  Weigh yourself.  If you regain more than 3 – 5 pounds, cut back and get back in control.

If you are trying to lose weight and get fit, I wish you well.  But stay alert!!!


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  1. Hi, I’m Sandi- first time to your blog! Just surfing WordPress and found ya.

    Interesting way to connect weight loss with credit card debt.

    I’ve tried Weight Watchers, and althought a GREAT plan for some people…I know several people that had success and like it…it was not for me. Counting points, trying to keep journal of points, forgetting to enter something and losing track of count…too much time spent “figuring out” what my meal plan was daily and point allowance. It became a pain. Then I worked REALLY HARD to go to weigh in where you think you’re down 1lb and it comes out .5 and the lady smiles at you and says:

    “Well, at least it’s a loss. You didn’t put that weight on over night, and this will take time, as well.” I wanted to smack that person. After having kids, there’s no way I have time to dedicate to that.

    I tried Isagenix, which is very restrictive and easy to follow, but not easy to do…their 2 flavors of shakes were disgusting and gritty…and they wanted me to fast one day a week and drink some awful sweet tea cleanser. I was so hungry and miserable and achy..which they said was the toxins leaving my body. yes, you lose quickly but it’s very difficult to not have cravings and where’s the energy? I couldn’t last!

    FINALLY, I found something that works for me and many/many people TAKE SHAPE FOR LIFE. IT’S SO EASY! It teaches you how to develop Healthy Habits. I’m down 14lbs in 3 weeks!

    Feel free to stop on by and check out my blog. I blog about everything- family-health whatever…other bloggers!

    Lake Forest, CA
    ** Monday’s weigh in- down 14lbs in 3 weeks! Wahoo!

  2. Excellent analogy! I love it! Yes, it is painful to cut back. We are so used to instant gratification. But the results are so worth it!!!

  3. Excellent comparison. Well done. Loved it.
    But as far as credit cards go with me, it is spend spend spend….ha ha ha
    Really LOVED this.

  4. Yeah a good analogy. Control of both weight and your finances is really all about common sense and moderation. For me, the secret was just about thinking differently about food, thinking about it as fuel for your body

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