Elbow Beach Bermuda


We went to Elbow Beach this morning and it was glorious!!  The sand was pale pink and not hot at all.  The water was blue-green with beautiful breaking waves.  It was 82 F and very refreshing.  We swam and dried off then swam again.  Then we popped over to the Elbow Beach Hotel for lunch on the patio.  It was good to get some shade and we enjoyed delicate sandwiches with salad.  Back to the beach for another swim before packing up to go back to Ecum Secum, my sister’s house.

Okay the temperature here reads 89 F today but I know it is really 127 F.  It is as hot as Hades!!!  I don’t know what we would do without air conditioning!  When we got back to my sister’s we went for a dip in the pool to wash off all the sand and then we had showers to wash off the chlorine!!!

Last night we had dinner at The Stables, my niece’s house and tonight we are hosting my nephew here.  Tomorrow it’s back to Toronto and my hubby who has been missing me as I have been missing him.  I’ve had a problem with email while I’ve been here and will be glad to get to read and answer all my messages.

Here are a couple of photos from our day at Elbow Beach.


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