Downsizing Bermuda Style

Since I am staying at my sister’s house, I have been able to meet a lot of people here in Bermuda, and everywhere I go downsizing is the hot topic.  Bermuda is a series of small islands and there aren’t a lot of choices of where to “get rid” of stuff.

Yesterday I was at a tea party in the afternoon.  A father and his three boys live in a beautiful house which is taken care of by their grandparents.  The grandparents live in an attached apartment during the week and go to their own home on the weekends.  They have tons of books which the boys have outgrown.  Papa Joe thinks it is a major sin to throw books out but Nanny Joy has the solution.  She has bagged the used books which she is going to take to a friend’s house because she has children of an age to enjoy the books.  So they won’t be in a landfill site and they will be reused.

Last night I was at my niece’s house for her daughter’s birthday party.  My sister took me into the kitchen to see how all the cupboards from her recent kitchen renovation have been reused in her daughter’s house.  A perfect solution!

I finished reading a book which my sister had already read and her husband put it with others to take to “The Barn” which is a shop which sells used things with the money raised going to help support the local hospital.

  • There are a few things I have learned about living simpler with less clutter around me.
  • If something isn’t useful or doesn’t give me pleasure, I don’t need to keep it.
  • I do NOT need a dinner service for 12.
  • If I have finished reading a book, and I don’t think I will reread it soon, I shouldn’t put it on my bookshelf.  Let someone else have the pleasure of reading it.
  • If I haven’t worn something for years and it is still in good condition, I will  give it away.
  • There are many places to recycle objects no longer wanted –  Goodwill, Value Village, and even Church bazaars.

An interesting book to read is The 100 Thing Challenge by David Bruno.  If you’re serious about downsizing, I recommend reading this book.

Tonight we are having a dinner party and I’m sure tomorrow I’ll have many more stories to tell about downsizing Bermuda style!



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