Bermuda Watercolour Scenes

Yesterday was so much fun.  My sister and I went out for the day, sightseeing all around Bermuda.

I’m going to have many photos to use for my watercolour paintings back in Toronto.  Here is a sampling.

The first photo is of my sister and me on the ferry on the way to Royal Dockyards where there are shops and museums.  We stopped for lunch and later on I tried to decide whether or not to rent a Segue for the afternoon.  At $75/hour, I decided not to!

The tree is on Front Street near the cruise ships, the buildings are in downtown Hamilton,  and the beautiful house was on the way home.

Houses in Bermuda are so colourful! My sister’s house is red with green shutters and my brother-in-law is painting it right now.  I’ll try to get a few photos of her wonderful house and pool later on today.  The “pool guy” is here to clean the pool so maybe later.

I am truly blessed to have such a beautiful place to visit!

Off for a day of sightseeing.


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