Today I arrived in Bermuda to sun and intense heat.  It is supposed to rain for much of my stay here so I feel good that I caught a few rays.

I was up before dawn even had a chance to crack and was on my way to the airport before 6 a.m.   Did you know that Bermuda is only 2 hrs and 17 minutes from Toronto?  The trip was quick and fun even if I had to use some of my teacher skills to calm a little girl during landing.  I took two of the barf bags and drew a couple of puppets on them and she played with them unti we came to the terminal building.  Here are some things I love about Bermuda:

  • Everything is so vivid, colourful, and vibrant
  • The trees and flowers are fragrant and every breeze brings a fresh scent of oleanders and hibiscus
  • The tree frogs sing nightly lulling me into a sense of well-being
  • People are friendly and do whatever they can to make me feel welcome
  • The blue green ocean is everywhere and it is ever-changing and beautiful

Here are some things about Bermuda that I am still trying to decide about.

  •  I can’t understand half of what they are saying, especially the children and young people!  Their accent is so cute but very hard to comprehend
  • They have a lot of bugs
  • They have ants
  • They have cockroaches as big as my back porch

My sister’s granddaughter, Tiahna, and her friend decorated my “suite” with pictures and drawings.  We had a huge family meal with my nieces and nephew and their families with everyone talking and laughing and telling stories.  I met some new people and caught up with family members.  We ate very well, with cold cuts, several salads and home made mac ‘n cheese.  Dessert was cupcakes made by Tiahna and Alexis.

Can’t wait for tomorrow.


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