Exercises for the Brain

We’ve all read articles on how we have to exercise our brains to keep them healthy.  There are TV shows and many books on the subject.  With the baby-boomers turning 65 this year, it seems as if every magazine has at least one article on this topic.

As a teacher, I have always striven to be a “lifelong learner”.  There were regular workshops, seminars, and conferences on a variety of topics. I always tried to put into immediate practice at least one thing that was learned at these sessions.  About fifteen years ago, I took part in a school-wide partnership with a company that was promoting the use of computers in schools.  Each teacher was given, free of charge, a lap top computer and printer to assist in classroom teaching.  I took that opportunity to sharpen my computer skills and I can say it was one of the best things I have done.

In retirement I have made a list of things to do and learn to keep my mind in shape.  One book recommended learning a new language.  I am going to learn Sign Language.  I have one grandson, Owen, who is profoundly deaf.  With the aid of bi-lateral cochlear implants, he can hear and speak very well.  Without those two devices, he can hear nothing.  If there is a prolonged power failure he would be unable to communicate. 

I always enjoyed math, especially algebra.  On the weekend we cycled to a used bookstore and I bought an old algebra text book which I have been using to relearn an old skill.  I have taken several classes at the local senior’s centre in drawing and watercolour painting.  Puzzles were a part of my upbringing and I try to do a couple of crossword or sudoku puzzles a day. 

I took on a personal challenge to read through the Bible in a year after my sister accomplished the same thing last year.  I got an app for my iPod Touch that let me choose a plan and I am happy to say I am on day 209, as of this morning.  My daughter, Carla has helped me get this blog started and I am thoroughly enjoying it.

I encourage anyone of any age to take time for learning, exercise, and fun. 

Tomorrow, Saturday, is my forty-fifth wedding anniversary.  I don’t really know anyone personally who has been married as long as I have.  It’s something to be proud of because I have also worked at my marriage and have exercised my skills of love, caring, and support for my darling John.















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  1. Wow! You are an inspiration. And your seem to have a good relationship with your sister. Do you see each other much? it is wonderful that you both have/are reading through the Bible. I have always felt that the “Word” is food for the soul. One would not think of missing a daily meal…..I am going to try reading through the Bible myself but I have to say, I choose NOT to relearn Algebra. I hated it the first time and have no desire to try my old hand at it again. lol. Sign language….now that is a beautiful thing, especially considering your grandson. How old is he? Was it hard for him to learn to speak? do you have other grandchildren? I have 7 plus 3 soon to be step grandchildren.
    Nice reading your blog. I have signed up to receive updates etc.
    Have a lovely evening wherever you are.
    way to go, “young” girl!

    • My grandson Owen is 7. He was diagnosed as hearing impaired at 11 months. It was a progressive hearing loss and a couple of years later, he was profoundly deaf. He went for therapy once a week, at CHEO, the Children’s Hospital of Eastern Ontario, in Ottawa. At first he did the therapy from a high chair, but the last time I was there, he actually conducted some of the tests on the therapist.

      I have eight grandchildren, five boys and three girls, ranging in age from 5 to 13. Hope you enjoy all of my posts.

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